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Yuka Kamogawa

Yuka kamogawa

I draw maps based on my favorites places

An illustrator from Osaka but now living in Kyoto. She divides her time between parenting and exploring her new hometown.


We absolutely love KamogawaYuka’s maps! They are charming, cute and even funny. They give you a sneak-peek of what it’s like to be a local.


Frank Gordon

Frank Gordon

I enjoy sharing the stories of the places I visit.

An artist and illustrator based in Dunedin, New Zealand. Working mostly in oils and other mediums too.


We love seeing Frank’s illustrated maps with lots of stories involved. The landscape, nature, culture and people, they are all exciting to look at!

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Make your maps usable in the real location and add video, audio and photos to places of interest.


Create map collections and share or embed them in your portfolio.

Why Stroly?

  • We enrich the travel experience.

  • We are passionate about map making and design.

  • We support the local artist community.

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Featured Maps

Tanjung Barat Small Business (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Stockholm map by Maria Larsson
Maria Larsson
The Look Of Love Film Map
#wishfulgetaway Sofia, Bulgaria
Map of Regional Polish Sausages (Kiełbasa Sausages)
Kasia Kronenberger
Breakfast with Two Valley Girls
Bruxelles, ma belle
Emeline Barrea
Húsavík, the Whale Capital of Iceland
Rena Ortega
Rome by Bike


  • What do I need to do to design a map?

    Just your creativity and an idea! We believe that all maps tell a story and we are excited that you want to share yours.

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  • How do I start using Stroly?

    Stroly is an online platform for maps linked with location information.

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  • How do I register or login to create a map?

    You can easily register your account with your Twitter, Facebook or Google credentials.

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  • Do the locations have to be real? For example, already existing in a map?

    Our service works by linking your illustrated map with an existing location.

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  • Does Stroly cover all over the world?

    Since our platform is open to the public, the world is open!

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Our Support Team

Giovanna Paolinelli
Giovanna Paolinelli
Design, Illustration
In charge of social media and community building. My day is spent finding amazing illustrated maps and artists! I love food and design so much that on my spare time, I illustrate it! Lately, I’m all about cute desserts.
Aya Bartneck
Aya Bartneck
Exhibition Design
I look after the artists so they can have the best experience when sharing their maps on Stroly. I am based in Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand.
Kaori Nagata
Kaori Nagata
I take care of translations in Japanese/English. Was born and raised in Japan, have lived in Mexico, and now I'm in California. I enjoy moving and traveling around to explore the world.
Kaoru Iketani
Kaoru Iketani
Illustration, Photography
I love music and film cameras. Taking pictures and drawing illustrations are my strengths. While drawing a map and publishing it to Stroly, I am also seeking for what a good map is.

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